Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hello to everyone,
We now have in stock some warlord games Celts and of course we have the Romans as well. Both Boxes sell for $35.00 per box and are available for immediate delivery. They look very nice and should complement any wargames army. I may add that these figures will fit in ok with our 1st Corps range of Romans and Celts.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

News From The Front

We are pleased to announce that we have just been givenn sole distributorship of the Army Painter line of Products. These can be viewed at www.thearmypainter.com we hope to have stock in soon and will keep you up dated. The second thing is that we now have a stock of Warlord games Imperial Romans with Celts on the way. These look very nice and i hope to use the Army Painter quick shade product on these figures so that we have a unit for display at our next convention, MOAB October 08

Under The Lilly Banners

My friend Scott Robertson, Son James and myself decided to play a Deluge game using the Under The Lilly Banner Rules set. The forces ere Austrian/ Danish (myself) against a mix of Brandenburgs (James) and Poles/swedes (Scott). This was held at my place in the Games room on a 14 x 6 foot table. Scenics supplied by Battleline Scenics ofcourse. This first picture shows the initial deployments of the two armies.

The Austrian Heavy Cuirassier brigade moves forward to engage.

On the left flank the Austrian Light Cavalry moved to engage being eventually forced back slowly.
At the end of the day it was a close loss for the Austrians being forced to withdraw. I think their commander had to much of the red wine on offer the night before.

The Great War

This is my first post for a while as there haas been lots happening and i have been really flat out. Recently i joined a group of friends to play and try out the new War Hammer Great War rules. Robert Fletcher was good enough to supply the table which has some great terrain on and a real nice set up. We played early war Germans (Robert & Myself) against the Russians, (Scott Robertson & Russ Nichols). This turned out to be an excellent game and enjoyed by all.

The Germans were comming on from the left side of the picture and had to take both towns.

This picture is of the Germans advancing toward their objectives. The main one of which was the large town seen in the top picture. This ended up being to much for the Germans who suffered from machine gun fire from the town as they crossed semi open terrain.

This is a picture of a German Guards Platoon assaulting a Russian position. After two hard turns of fighting the Russians VERY happily repulsed the Guards much to the delight of certain players (Scott)lol.