Sunday, 11 January 2009

Die Kriegskunst SYW

On Saturday Scott Robertson, Mark Piper, Russell Nichols, my son James and myself played a SYW scenario using the new Die Kriegskunst General de Brigade variant rules for SYW. The Scenario was Moys 7th September 1757 fought originally between the Prussians and Austrians. Since we lacked any Austrians we decided to play using the French as the defenders and a combined British and Prussian army as the assaulting force. The battle started as per the scenario with the French losing the Heights by about the 4th turn. From that point on it was a fairly even contest until the Heights were again over run by this time a Prussian Assault. The game concluded pretty much a draw with the French most likely being forced to withdraw. I have included some pictures below which i hope you enjoy. The table and figures are my own in what i call the war games room. Another friend of mine who could not stay for the game Gavin Shanks called in to pick up some nice figures and scenics (thanks for the sale mate) hope you can stay next time.