Saturday, 18 April 2009

Its a Good Day to be Prussian

I spent Thursday at my friend Mark Temples place and we had a most enjoyable SYW game my Prussians against an elite corp of French. The Prussians were myself and youngest son Oliver with the French being Mark and another good guy Brett who was up from Melbourne. Whilst the French were out numbered considerably they were of exceptional quality being mostly Guards and Grenadiers. In the end Prussian command and control with some nice fire power and great Cavalry won the day. "Go those great Cuirassiers"

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Muster Weekend 09

The Easter Muster has ended for another year and was yet again an excellent weekend for socialising and war gaming. Thanks again go to Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts for hosting the weekend. I have included some photos of some of the games that were there, these are the large Sudan Game put on by my friend Scott Robertson, A plains War game which looked like excellent fun hosted by my other Friend and gaming companion Mark Temple, and last but not least there is a picture of a Doctor Who game hosted by Allan and Gavin which also looked liked a great game with some fantastic scenery. For Battleline Scenics, we had a good couple of days coming away with a couple of battalions of painted Napoleonic Prussians from my friend Nathan Vinson at Elite miniatures (excellent) and a new project which i have started and will post some initial pictures of soon. This is an Italian Battalion of six companies for the Sudan figures supplied by Castaway Arts, to this i will add a company (10 figures) of light infantry, two mountain guns and a unit of lancers. Enjoy the photos: cheers Kevin

Friday, 10 April 2009

Plastic Pike and Shot

We now have something new to add to our web site as we have just received some boxes of the Warlord Games Plastic Pike and Shot. The box gives you enough variety to assemble 40 stout infantry and eight flags, a painting guide, bases, all you need to rally your forces for Charles, King of England or the Parliment.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Our New Web Site is here

Hip Hip Hooray did i hear you say... Yes after much delay and some hair pulling we now have a brand new web site with loads of products already installed and much much more to come. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.


ACW Game

I know its been awhile since i last posted but we have been busy getting a new web site up and running which i hope will solve any of the old issues. A little while ago i had an ACW game with a mate of mine Mark Temple. Once again it was very enjoyable with the out come being a draw. The Union left flank was about to become under a lot of pressure as it was being flanked whilst the confederate left flank was giving way under similar circumstances. Attached are some Photos so enjoy.