Sunday, 28 December 2008

Xmas WW2 game

Every year my friend Mark Temple puts on a couple of days of WW2 skirmish games. These are well organised and highly enjoyable. Its almost a Christmas "must do" each year which my son Oliver looks forward to as he has a great WW2 collection in 28mm and loves gaming the period. This year the Americans can on with a recon force which to Marks delight got into all sorts of trouble with a German 37mm A/T gun. Although out number and with limited reinforcements the Germans actually came out on top. Its played with all 28mm figures using our own in house rules which play quite well for skirmish type games.

Latest Projects

Well its been a fair while since i have last posted and there has been lots happening with alot of new products and bits and pieces. My new years resolution is to up date my blog alot more regularly so this is the first step. Below are a couple of pictures of some of the new Victorix figures that we currently have in stock painted by my son Oliver who is without doubt getting to be one of the best painters i have seen around my neck of the woods. Unfortunately the photos do not do justice but it gives you an idea. The Spanish Napoleonic artillery gun and crew was painted by yours truly using the Army Painter Quick shade system which i think turned out quite nicely, i have not completed the basing as i wanted to get the pictures on here. Victorix Figures are currently selling for the introductory price of $44.00/box. If your interested drop me an e-mail.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

One for the Republic

Last weekend Scott, my son James and myself played a Republican Roman V Turkish Allied army game. It was the first outing for my newly purchased Romans (thanks Scott) and their first victory under their new command. We played the game at Scotts place using his excellent desert terrain and the War Hammer ancient rules. It was a great day of Wine, Beer and victory enjoyed by all and one which i hope we will play again soon. The objective was to capture the enemy's camp or force a retreat. The Allied army come out of the town to meet the Romans and although superior in Cavalry did not have enough quality troops to win the day especially when their best infantry unit turned and fled back to the town without laying a blow.

War Hammer Great War

About a month or so ago Scott Robertson, Mark Piper, James Jowett, and myself decided to have a early War ww1 Game here at my place. Both Scott and myself have played the War Hammer Great War rules a few times now and have both agreed that they are a simple and enjoyable set of rules for this period. At present we are limited in the size of engagements due to troop numbers but both of us are going to work on increasing the troop numbers. I have started an early war French battallion and Scott has ordered quite alot of Austrians and already has a great number of Russians for this period. I have included some photos of the game which i hope looks ok.

Army Painter

Hello All,

I didn't realise it has been so long since i last posted. I guess time flies when your having fun. Since my last post we have now received a full shippment of Army Painter products. These products as i am sure most of you are aware include the quick shade wash in soft, strong & dark tones. It has been used to great effect by not only myself but several friends of mine and it certainly takes alot of the work out of painting and shading figures if you want an army in a hurry. We will have the full range at MOAB 08 this year so if you down for it drop over and see us for a demo.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hello to everyone,
We now have in stock some warlord games Celts and of course we have the Romans as well. Both Boxes sell for $35.00 per box and are available for immediate delivery. They look very nice and should complement any wargames army. I may add that these figures will fit in ok with our 1st Corps range of Romans and Celts.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

News From The Front

We are pleased to announce that we have just been givenn sole distributorship of the Army Painter line of Products. These can be viewed at we hope to have stock in soon and will keep you up dated. The second thing is that we now have a stock of Warlord games Imperial Romans with Celts on the way. These look very nice and i hope to use the Army Painter quick shade product on these figures so that we have a unit for display at our next convention, MOAB October 08

Under The Lilly Banners

My friend Scott Robertson, Son James and myself decided to play a Deluge game using the Under The Lilly Banner Rules set. The forces ere Austrian/ Danish (myself) against a mix of Brandenburgs (James) and Poles/swedes (Scott). This was held at my place in the Games room on a 14 x 6 foot table. Scenics supplied by Battleline Scenics ofcourse. This first picture shows the initial deployments of the two armies.

The Austrian Heavy Cuirassier brigade moves forward to engage.

On the left flank the Austrian Light Cavalry moved to engage being eventually forced back slowly.
At the end of the day it was a close loss for the Austrians being forced to withdraw. I think their commander had to much of the red wine on offer the night before.

The Great War

This is my first post for a while as there haas been lots happening and i have been really flat out. Recently i joined a group of friends to play and try out the new War Hammer Great War rules. Robert Fletcher was good enough to supply the table which has some great terrain on and a real nice set up. We played early war Germans (Robert & Myself) against the Russians, (Scott Robertson & Russ Nichols). This turned out to be an excellent game and enjoyed by all.

The Germans were comming on from the left side of the picture and had to take both towns.

This picture is of the Germans advancing toward their objectives. The main one of which was the large town seen in the top picture. This ended up being to much for the Germans who suffered from machine gun fire from the town as they crossed semi open terrain.

This is a picture of a German Guards Platoon assaulting a Russian position. After two hard turns of fighting the Russians VERY happily repulsed the Guards much to the delight of certain players (Scott)lol.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Towwnsville Trip

Last weekend my son Oliver and i were invited to Townsville for the long weekend for a few games and some scenic presentations. we stayed at a friend of mines place Nathan Vinson who owns Elite Miniatures here in Australia. Thanks again Nathan and crew for your hospitality and games. I have included below some pic's of the games one being Napoleonic and the other an ancients game. These were played at John McGuire's home who not only has, i think the best collection of figures in Australia but puts on a great spread and is very welcoming.

The Napoleonics game was played using a set of rules being developed by another friend of mine Andrew Parr. These are a quick play set of simple rules which everyone enjoyed using and are very easy to pick up for the first timer.
The Ancients game was cantred around the Fall of the West, Romans v Barbarians. Unfortunatrely the Romans were out numbered and eventually cracked under the pressure of the Barbarian onslaught.

Perry Plastic ACW Cavalry

Hello All,

We now have a supply of Perry Plastic ACW cavalry which will retail for $30.00 plus Postage. These are once again very nice figures. If you would like further information throughus an e-mail as we would be only too happy to respond.



Monday, 28 April 2008

Perry Plastics ACW Infantry has arrived

Hello All,

We now have a stock of Perry Plastic Infantry which we will be selling at the introductory price of $30.00 per box plus Postage. I have opened a box and they seem very nice, i am also pleased that they may in fact work with our own Fenlon ACW line of figures. We only have limited stock at this stage so be quick if you wish to order.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

40mm Sash & Saber AWI

As a bit of a trial we have got in some items of 40mm AWI from Sash & Saber. I will paint up one or two in the next couple of days and post some pics. If all goes well we may put on a demo of 40mm at the Brisbane Easter Muster next year, possibly Guilford Court House.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Wargames Factory Romans

We have been contacted by Tony from Wargames Factory who after seeing our post on TMP which turned into a bit of a shit fight, has asked us to stock there Republican Romans and Celts as well as the other brand. We are happy to do this and will recieve an order of both Romans and Celts in mid June 08. Should anyone wish to put in an advanced order we would be happy to offer a 15% discount. Prices for these figures will be around the $35.00 per box + P&P at cost.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Perry Plastics on the Way

Alan from Perry Miniatures has informed us that our order of acw plastics will be shipped this week so anyone wanting to pre-order please get in now.

warlord games Imperial Romans

Yet just another string in our bow. We have just added Warlord Games to our distribution list. This means that as of late May 2008 we can provided a box of 30 Imperial Romans and at a later date Celts for the price of $36.00. zthese are great figures and will add to bulk up many a metal legion or simply make it cheaper to field a nice size force suitable for any table top.

Friday, 4 April 2008

New 15mm Buildings

I just thought i would let you know about a couple of new building models which we have got in to go with our raange of 15mm products. These are a house and a tower, both come pre painted and ready for action as can be seen in the pictures. They are both priced at $35.00 each and would make a nice addition to anyones game terrain.

Monday, 31 March 2008

1644 Deluge game

Today a friend of mine Mark Temple came over and we decided to have a small but enjoyable 1644 game. Mark has a fine collection of English Civil War figures. To this we added some of my sons Brandenburg's to form some allies which were pitted against my Imperialist Austrian forces. The table is 6' x 14' and is down stairs in what i call the war games room which is equipped with some appropriate pictures on the wall.

It was a hard fought game with Austrian and Danish forces pressing home attacks in the centre allowing some Cavalry to sweep around on the left flank.

This picture is part of the Brandenburg allied centre and right we used the foundry set of 1644 rules which while enjoyable was disappointing. At the end of the day Mark and i have decided to try our hand at putting our own set of rules together and will certainly post any future information on this.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

New Product lines

It has been our intention to increase our product lines by including other manufacturers figures and scenics. After talks with 1st Corp we can now say that Battleline Scenics is the sole distributor of their figure range including Curteys Miniatures. This is great news for us as it extends our product range to cover other periods outside of ACW. Other developments this week have also included the ability to stock the Perry Plastics ACW range which we hope to have in stock in the next few weeks and 2 more manufacturers which we can now distribute for, those being Sash and Sabre and Front Rank. If we can help anyone who is interested in these ranges please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Muster

Over the Easter Weekend Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts held a small but very successful convention. There were quite a number of games going open to all who wanted to play along with some great trade stands. The games varied from Dr. Who to Deluge to American Civil War. Great fun was had by all with the weekend held in fantastic spirit. Anyone who missed out going truly missed a great weekend. I have included some pictures of some of the games for suggest that everyone marks this weekend on there calendar for next year.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Web site change

Anyone who has visited the site before will notice some changes. We now have a shopping cart which we are updateing in an effort to get alot of our products in. You will also notice a more friendlier blog which we encourage vistors to leave comments about our products, the blog site etc.. Please don't forget the Easter Muster on the 22nd 23rd March this month at the old Leonards Hotel on the Queen street mall.