Monday, 4 May 2009

My Painting Area

I decided to take a few pictures of my painting area. I have some Perry Napoleonics that i am currently re baseing on 40 x 40 squares to use with General De Brigade on a 1:40 Ratio. The Skirmish bases are a trial to see how it works as this is how the regiments skirmishes will appear when deployed. I have also decided to start a new project which is a Danish Malbarian Army of about 10 battalions. This is the Grenadier company of the Prince George Regiment with the final coat of Army Painter Matt anti shine to follow. All first Battalions had the Grenadier company attached. As i finish more i will post some further pic's. The other picture is my some Oliver who has started his own painting service $6.00 for Foot figure & $4.00 for Horses. He is currently painting and basing some wargames factory Celts for Gavin Shanks which are nearly done.