Monday, 31 August 2009

Army Painter Price Hike

We have unfortunately recieved an e-mail from the Army Painter Guys. It seems certain other retailers are not happy with what we are currently selling The Army Painter Products for and as a result we are being asked to up our price from $38.00 per tin for the shade to $50.00/tin and the sprays will go from $18.00 to $25.00. This will bring us into line with the others much to our dissapointment. Its a pity that once again it will be cheaper to buy off shore than from a local retailer.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Austrians Attack Plancenoit

Played another GdB game today with a mate Mitchell at 1:40 Ratio. The game was Plancenoit which was out of the GdB Scenario book 2. We decided to use Austrians as i had no where near enough Prussians to fight this battle. The game was 24 turns which gave us plenty of both scope and time.

This is a view looking down the table from the Austrian side. Both sides started with a small division each which escallated fairly quickly into a Corps for the Austrians.

The Initial Austrian Attack force starts the advance towards the town. Turn 4 will see some 7 more Battalions arrive to reinforce the attack.

French Troops occupy the church grounds and prepare an artillery battery for firing at the white coated colums approaching

The first Austrian attacks start to go in and clear the outlying buildings of French troops. The main defensive line was sitting waiting for the on rush of Austrians. Mitch's French did not have long to wait.

Turn 4 saw the arrival of the bulk of the Austrian attacking force. I think the French took a breath when they appeared and started to look to their rear for any reinforcements. Unfortunately there were none in site.

After fresh Austrian troops arrived attacks renewed on the main town centre and the church. It took about 4 turns to capture the Church and the Buildings occupying the French Right. The town Centre was captured onlt to have the Austrians thrown out in a renewed French assualt. The arrival of fresh troops saw it safely back into Austrian hands.

The only cavalry to be seen around town was a unit of line lancers and some Austrian Dragoons. The French lancers were lucky to see off an Austrian Grenzer Square only to be driven off by the Dragoons.

Austrian Forces clear the trees in the centre of town and start to move through the Church yard. An Austrian Battalion was thrown back in the woods around the church but once again the French were driven off by fresh reinforcements. Turn 9 saw the arrival of 4 Austriaan Grenadier battalions which added some weight to the assualts.

The town was by now lost and at about turn 15 the French reinforcements arrived. There was another 7 battalions for the

Unfortunately we ran out of time at about turn 20 with 4 more turns needed to finish the scenario. Not to worry all in all it was a great game and a great scenario, one i would love to play again. I hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to our next game.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

1:40 GdB Napoleonic game

Today a friend of mine Mark Piper came over for a Napoleonics games using General de Brigade at 1:40 Ratio. I really like the rules using this ratio and as the game mechanics are the same for ACW and SYW i find them easy to use and we get a good result in a reasonable time. We are basically playing at Corps level with around 16 infantry battalions plus cavalry and guns.
This is a shot of the table at the start of turn one. The French were deployed on the right of screen and both small villages and the large farm seen in the distant background. It was the British who were trying to force their way into Southern France from left to right.
The above shot is of the British approaching the French centre left flank. And yes as you can see i have not finished the bases on my French, hopefully i will have them done soon.

The fight for the farm house on the far French Right turned out to be a desperate affair. A battalion from the 4th Swiss regiment held out for part of the game but was evicted by two British battalions. The Farmhouse was later retaken by a legere battalion thrown in by my brother Ken. It stayed in French hands until the end of the game.

The small village in the centre of the French line was the same story as the Farmhouse. A dessperate fight ensured by a battalion of Legere and although pushed back by two British battalions, a fierce bayonet charge saw then regain control of the village once more.

The only cavalry action of the game was an opportunity charge by the 9th Lancers which failed to stop two British battalions throwing back the 2nd / 4th Swiss Regt. as the flowed around the Farm House. It was a Fresh Battalion and a Foot battery which stalled the Brits. Unfortunately my camera died and i was not able to take any other pics. We called it quits at 315pm and decided it was a close run thing for both. I think the French held their ground but only just. It was a good effort by the Brits considering they had to take some heavy cover. The only thing i was upset about was that i had a heavy Cuirassier Brigade sitting just off centre waiting for orders which failed to activate. These bad boys will have to wait for another time, perhaps we will see a cuirassier division at full gallop. Nathan if you read this i need some Cuirassier command figures, what have you got in your range?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Imagin-nations Cuirassiers

Just finished 4 troopers for Craigs Imagin-nations army. There is another 4 troopers to do to finish the unit. The figures are Front Rank WSS Austrian Cuirassiers which have been used for the imagin-nations scene. We are having a Napoleonic Game hopefully on the weekend and i will hopefully be posting some pic of that so stay tuned.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

FoW Available

Ok we have jumped on the supply cart and now have a cross section of FoW vailable now on our web site. It will be under the Products listing ubder its own FoW heading. We hope to have the stock inputted to our web store over the next couple of days.