Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Imagin-Nations Figures

Here is another Imaginations Mounted Officer and Gun crew that i have recently Painted for Craig aas part of his WSS starter army deal. The officer and crew are Front Rank figures and the Horse is one of mine from my ACW range. The next posting will be of some Front Rank Austrian WSS Cuirassiers which are also part of Craigs pack. I hope to post these pictures by the weekend if work committments will leave me alone so i can paint.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

CSA Charging

Another part of my projects is to paint some ACW units which are part of our army deals. I have posted pictures of the Firing Line and of a 6pdr gun and crew. Here now is the start of a CSA charging unit which will be 16 figures strong all taken from our our range of ACW.

Heidrich Wurzen (from the Imagin-Nation army)

This is the first Mounted Officer i have painted for Craig and his Imagin-Nation Army he is of course another Front Rank Personality and i believe his name is Heidrich Wurzen.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

FoW comming soon

I have decided to give FoW a go and i am in the process of getting an order together for their basic WW2 range which will include the rule book and supplements as well as of course their unit packs etc... We are also going to look at open days with participation games and sausage sizzle etc.. for those gamers who are happy to come along check our products and have a chat or a game. We will keep you posted more on this when we know exactly what we intend to do.


Imagi-Nation Gun & Crew

As part of our painted Army deals that we are currently running i have been asked to paint an Imagi-Nations army using Front Rank WSS figures. Part of this army is 2 crewed guns which i have started painting. The picture is of the first gun and crew finished for Craig which i hope he likes. The Pictures unfortunately aren't the best but i think you get the general view of how they look.