Sunday, 28 December 2008

Xmas WW2 game

Every year my friend Mark Temple puts on a couple of days of WW2 skirmish games. These are well organised and highly enjoyable. Its almost a Christmas "must do" each year which my son Oliver looks forward to as he has a great WW2 collection in 28mm and loves gaming the period. This year the Americans can on with a recon force which to Marks delight got into all sorts of trouble with a German 37mm A/T gun. Although out number and with limited reinforcements the Germans actually came out on top. Its played with all 28mm figures using our own in house rules which play quite well for skirmish type games.

Latest Projects

Well its been a fair while since i have last posted and there has been lots happening with alot of new products and bits and pieces. My new years resolution is to up date my blog alot more regularly so this is the first step. Below are a couple of pictures of some of the new Victorix figures that we currently have in stock painted by my son Oliver who is without doubt getting to be one of the best painters i have seen around my neck of the woods. Unfortunately the photos do not do justice but it gives you an idea. The Spanish Napoleonic artillery gun and crew was painted by yours truly using the Army Painter Quick shade system which i think turned out quite nicely, i have not completed the basing as i wanted to get the pictures on here. Victorix Figures are currently selling for the introductory price of $44.00/box. If your interested drop me an e-mail.