Thursday, 4 September 2008

One for the Republic

Last weekend Scott, my son James and myself played a Republican Roman V Turkish Allied army game. It was the first outing for my newly purchased Romans (thanks Scott) and their first victory under their new command. We played the game at Scotts place using his excellent desert terrain and the War Hammer ancient rules. It was a great day of Wine, Beer and victory enjoyed by all and one which i hope we will play again soon. The objective was to capture the enemy's camp or force a retreat. The Allied army come out of the town to meet the Romans and although superior in Cavalry did not have enough quality troops to win the day especially when their best infantry unit turned and fled back to the town without laying a blow.

War Hammer Great War

About a month or so ago Scott Robertson, Mark Piper, James Jowett, and myself decided to have a early War ww1 Game here at my place. Both Scott and myself have played the War Hammer Great War rules a few times now and have both agreed that they are a simple and enjoyable set of rules for this period. At present we are limited in the size of engagements due to troop numbers but both of us are going to work on increasing the troop numbers. I have started an early war French battallion and Scott has ordered quite alot of Austrians and already has a great number of Russians for this period. I have included some photos of the game which i hope looks ok.

Army Painter

Hello All,

I didn't realise it has been so long since i last posted. I guess time flies when your having fun. Since my last post we have now received a full shippment of Army Painter products. These products as i am sure most of you are aware include the quick shade wash in soft, strong & dark tones. It has been used to great effect by not only myself but several friends of mine and it certainly takes alot of the work out of painting and shading figures if you want an army in a hurry. We will have the full range at MOAB 08 this year so if you down for it drop over and see us for a demo.