Thursday, 8 May 2008

Towwnsville Trip

Last weekend my son Oliver and i were invited to Townsville for the long weekend for a few games and some scenic presentations. we stayed at a friend of mines place Nathan Vinson who owns Elite Miniatures here in Australia. Thanks again Nathan and crew for your hospitality and games. I have included below some pic's of the games one being Napoleonic and the other an ancients game. These were played at John McGuire's home who not only has, i think the best collection of figures in Australia but puts on a great spread and is very welcoming.

The Napoleonics game was played using a set of rules being developed by another friend of mine Andrew Parr. These are a quick play set of simple rules which everyone enjoyed using and are very easy to pick up for the first timer.
The Ancients game was cantred around the Fall of the West, Romans v Barbarians. Unfortunatrely the Romans were out numbered and eventually cracked under the pressure of the Barbarian onslaught.

Perry Plastic ACW Cavalry

Hello All,

We now have a supply of Perry Plastic ACW cavalry which will retail for $30.00 plus Postage. These are once again very nice figures. If you would like further information throughus an e-mail as we would be only too happy to respond.