Saturday, 5 September 2009

Santa Anna Attacks Fort Houston

On the eve of Fathers Day i decided to get out my Mexican American war figures and start a game. The scenario was an unexpected strike by a small Mexican Army under Santa Anna (of course) on an American outpost at Fort Houston held by Colonel James (Bowie) Jowett (my son) . It was garrisoned by a Battalion of Infantry, two companies of Rifles and a Mounted Infantry Regiment. Turn one saw the Mexicans advance towards the Bridge leading into town and the American Rifles, Horse Artillery, and Mounted Infantry scatter through town whilst the Fort was stood too.

A picture looking down the table from Fort Houston. In the distance can be seen the river Rio which has a small bridge across it leading into the small town. It took several turns for the Mexicans to find a ford which the cavalry could utilize.
The Mexican army approaches the bridge over the Rio.

An Amercan horse battery deploys across the road within effective range of the Bridge.

The Troops in Fort Houston man the defenses and await the Mexican Attack. Mexican Cavalry can be seen comming out from the town flanking the hill just east of the fort.

The Mexicans begin streaming across the Bridge to assualt the town. Just on the other side the Mounted Infantry has dismounted and manned the walls of the Church yard. The Mexicans will take some heavy fire from this unit as they cross the Bridge.

Mexican artillery bombard the church yard whilst infantry storm across the bridge and assualt the walls. It would be several turns before the mounted infantry were ejected from the church yard. The two rifle companies had taken up poistions else where in town and the artillery were forced to redeploy closer to Fort Houston.

After a bitter fight the church yard finally falls to the Mexicans and the mounted Infantry are pushed out. The American Horse battery that redeployed is now giving covering fire to the American units in the town.

Word soon rushes through town that the Mexicans have found a ford across the river. The Mounted Infantry scamble back to their horses and make a dash for the fort. Hotly pursued by Mexican Cavalry. As for the Rifle compaines, they have no chance of making the run for town to they bunker down in one of the town buildings and decide to make a stand.

The pursuing cavalry chased the mounted infantry and rifles right up to the walls of Fort Houston. Unfortunately a little to close to the steady cannister fire of the Horse battery. One thing i did not allow for was Jamess dice rolling. Something you would think i would be aware of by now. His first salvo from the walls and the horse battery decimated the pursuing cavalry and ensured the safe return of the retreating Americans.

Several shots of cannister and the pursuing Mexicans were gone ... For Good.

Fresh reserves were brought up by the Mexicans which were thrown at the American defenses. These suffered similar fates and were soon Routing from the fight completely decimated. The fire power coming from Fort Houston was very agressive plus of course James continually throwing 5's and 6's whislt poor old dad (Santa Anna) was doing what was expected 2's & 3's.

The Guards of the Supreme Power we brought up and set to launch an attack. Unfortuanately several shots and poor dice were enough to see them falter and become useless. At this point with 1 cavalry regiment gone and two regiments of Infantry I decided to withdraw and leave the Americans to clean up the mess... Well it is fathers day after all haha. We used Guns of Gettysburg for this scenario which worked really well at 1:20 ratio. I intend to bulk out my Mexican and American units some more using First Corps excellent range for this period. I even have some Daniel boon Texas Ranger figures to paint as well. Maybe an Alamo game is on its way. Just as soon as i can get the scaled model from Hudson & Allen. Hope you enjoy the pic's as much as we enjoyed the game. cheers Kev.

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